Benefits of the EPDM Roofing Solution –

Namely, they are easy to install and they are able to resist piercing, tears, and abrasion. In the event of any type of damage to the roof, they are very easy to repair and replace, and it is possible to do so at a much lower cost. Instead of repairing an entire roof, one would only need to repair that particular section or sheet. It can save time and money. Another one of the benefits roofers find with this option is the flexibility of the sheets. They are easy to maneuver into position, and they can conform to different roof shapes when needed.


Still, this roofing solution might not be the only way to go. Another option for an EPDM roof is liquid coating. The liquid – sometimes used alone and sometimes used in conjunction with the rubber sheeting – offers many of the same advantages as the sheets. The liquid is able to offer a true waterproof seal on the roof, and that means no leaks. With the sheets, there are still seams where they meet. Even though they might be right, it could be possible for water to slither in through the seams and eventually make its way down and into your roof. However, a coating of the liquid EPDM roof material can provide longer lasting protection. In fact, it can last three times as long as other types of roofing material.


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