Creating Energy-Efficient Buildings with Elastomeric Roof Coating –

The durability of commercial and residential buildings depends on the roofing materials selected. Elastomeric roof repair coating is an advantageous way to coat or recoat a roof, to give it a longer life. This type of material is also used on exterior walls of masonry or concrete and exterior insulation finishing systems, as well as being a superior roof material.

Elastomeric coatings have several unique properties that allow them to be a good choice when you need flexibility and elongation.

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Acrylic roof coating is beneficial to commercial and residential buildings in more ways than one. The white finish creates a cool roof, which reflects sunlight and makes the building more energy-efficient. It also protects your roof from damaging weather elements. As they age, these coatings may become dirty and lose reflectivity. Select one that is dirt-resistant.

Elastomeric roof coating is also used in exterior insulation finishing systems, in the form of finish coats with a flexible texture. These coatings are beneficial because their soft polymers allow better infiltration and sealing of cracks. Since they have good elongation and the ability to bridge cracks, they maintain a continuous membrane even where movement is involved.


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