Roofing Materials as Wall Coatings –

Masonry and concrete surfaces have a tendency to crack, but EPDM coatings can help to keep this to a minimum. They can be applied in a thick film that offers a positive barrier. They can bridge hairline cracks as well, as long as the film is thick enough.

Elastomeric roof coating is an excellent choice for commercial and residential structures alike. It is often used on flat roofs, which is why you see it more commonly used on commercial buildings.

Long Life, Durable Roofing

Elastomeric coatings do not claim to last for the life of a building, but they do last longer than many other roofing materials. They are particularly efficient when compared with asphalt, which leaves a roof dark and attracts light, making it more expensive to cool a building.

Flat residential row houses can also be effectively covered with elastomeric roof coating. It keeps the interior of buildings cool and reflects heat outward. It has properties similar to those of rubber, and it returns to its original membrane dimensions even after it has been deformed or stretched. This coating contracts and expands along with the roof or other surface to which it has been applied.

Over the years, cracking from expanding and contracting, along with sunlight and heat can degrade a traditional roof. You would then need to replace the entire roof.

Elastomeric coatings can last for many years longer than traditional roofing coats, if you maintain them properly. They are easily cleaned using a power washer or hose and reapplying the coating every 10 to 15 years.

Even if the new roofing only lasts five years longer than conventional coatings, it will reduce the cost of your roofing and related expenses by over 20% according to Dow Chemical, as quoted in The Seattle Times. This makes good business sense if you own commercial buildings in nearly any climate.


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