What Are the Benefits of EPDM Roofing? – Epdmcoatings.com

EPDM systems can retain their physical characteristics throughout their service life. These compounds demonstrate stability even when exposed to UV light, as well as showing resistance to low and high temperatures. With these benefits in mind, managers can install EPDM systems in different climates.

EPDM membrane can be used in diverse applications. One of the first designs was a ballasted roof, where membrane is laid loosely over insulation or substrate and then covered with pavers or stones for a ballast layer. This keeps the membrane properly in place when it is exposed to uplifts in wind.

EPDM membrane can be fully adhered in a roof application, using a bonding agent. The membrane is usually adhered to rigid insulation boards anchored to the roof deck.

The membrane of EPDM roofing is quite flexible. This makes it attractive for many roofing applications. It works especially well in complex projects.

When to Use EPDM Systems

When roofs have large expanses of empty space, EPDM can be a wise material choice. Their widths minimize the number of seams. They are often selected as good choices for wood or steel. A ballasted or fully adhered system is sometimes used on concrete, to avoid damage.


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