Easy Steps for winterizing your roof – Epdmcoatings.com

Your roof was designed with only one purpose in mind: to keep the elements from getting in your home. Along with its walls, the people inside your home depend on your ceiling to provide them with shelter. More than any other season, winter will put that roof of yours to the test. If you want to make it through winter without worrying about the cold, you need to put elastomeric roof coatings. Keep reading to find out what that entails and what your options are.

Clean Out Those Gutters

Winterizing your roof starts long before snow falls. But don’t begin before the leaves do either. Ideally, you want to get out there right between the two events so you can clean all that foliage out of your gutters. Leaves and other debris can weigh down your gutters during winter, making the snow that lands in there even worse. But the real problem comes when that snow melts, turns to water and has nowhere to go because their exit is blocked. All that weight could be enough to tear the gutters from your home.

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