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Different kinds of roofs can be saved with an elastomeric roof coating .One that greatly resembles rubber once it’s applied.
Benefit to choose an elastomeric roof coating is that it can be used on any surface type. Metal, single-ply applications, built-up applications, modified bitumen, and much more even applied to freshly sprayed polyurethane foam. Unlike some other coatings, elastomeric coatings can handle those and ones with just about any type of slant to them. When the temperature goes up and then retreat to its original shape, it gets colder out and resists cracking. Like rubber, it can stretch.
Four main types of elastomeric coating are as follows:
Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

The most widely used elastomeric roof coating with a positive slope also displays superior longevity and is easy to clean and considered an environmentally friendly option.

Butyl Elastomeric
It works especially well on roofs that are made from modified bitumen, asphalt built-up, or single plied roofing. This variety can resist the pressure of pooling water.

Polyurethane Elastomeric

Polyurethane elastomeric coating will further help ensure the roof’s overall protection especially good for roofs made from modified bitumen or a single-ply application of PVC or TPO.

Silicone Elastomeric Coatings

Silicone elastomeric coating displays excellent weathering. Whether the foam was just recently sprayed or needs a new layer for protection, this is a great choice.

It’s hard to think of a better option than the rubber-like elastomeric coating. Its excellent durability, resistance against weather conditions work best for roof.


Why You Should Opt for Liquid Rubber? – Epdmcoatings.com

With tremendous success Liquid rubber has been proved very useful, efficient and unique matter as a roofing solution. Originally it was created by Kuraray Co. Ltd in 1972.  Transparent and odorless is used at a “Reactive Plasticizer.” In liquid form; it cures to form a hard and sturdy surface holding almost any required shape. For a variety of purposes it is being used and therefore provides great industrial and commercial benefits.


For over 20 years Liquid rubber has been specially used all over the North America, It is very easy to use where extreme temperature spikes and fluctuations is a norm with extremely productive seamless waterproof membrane. Its special characteristics, it can easily meet most of the health, safety and environmental requirements,

Applying liquid rubber is a simple, hassle-free and safe process. Apply it on the required surface area using a brush and roller. The large scale projects include factory or warehouse roofing which uses a spray system. Sprayed on the required surface area and thousand square meters can be cover up in a single day. Generally referred to as “Instant Set”, it does exactly what the name suggests – the liquid rubber takes the required shape naturally and instantly, giving you instant waterproofing. Rubber that is sprayed is cold also eliminates any potential fire hazards, forms itself quickly as singular and seamless membrane. This does not require the usage of any fleeces or primers, five times faster than many other comparable roofing solutions.

Its unique composition gives an astonishing elasticity of up to 1100% along with a startling memory of 95%. It is almost unparalleled Advantages of EPDM roofing solution

  1. Advantages of EPDM roofing solution
  2. Protection against ozone and heat.
  3. Provides good resistance against polar substances and steam.
  4. Liquid rubber is also resistant to water, salt and alkalis.
  5. Gives a smooth, crease-free surface, Easy to apply

Easy Ways of RV Roof Repair

EPDM Liquid Roof Coatings

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RV’s roof repair needs too much time and unwanted for everyone. But by taking the necessary steps and Continue doing some simple things can make sure that your RV doesn’t end up needing constant repairs to its roof. Before doing anything get sure about the owner’s manual get information about how much weight it can carry. Spend as less time on top of your RV as you absolutely need to avoid sudden professional help.

Regular Inspection

Constantly looking RV’s roof can easily save you from constant repairs. RV is being exposed to issues that result in its roof needing repairs. Inspect the roof every 3 to 4 months so that risk issues like algae and mold building up from tree sap to rain to debris .Water stains on the ceiling are proof that your roof has got problem

Regular Clean

Keeping your RV’s roof clean is important. See the beginning of a problem it is a big step in stopping issues on regular basis. Always use specifically products made for RVs Stitch at time saves nine so when problems arise solve at once if it’s a leak be sure to address it as soon as possible use a sealant chose the right one because wrong product can make matters worse.

Fortunately, if you handle the matter with Liquid Roof your roof will be less likely to need repair again

EPDM has proven performance record

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is one the ensure way of safe and proper roofing  which solution is in use for over 50 years and can provide protection for more than 40 years EPDM has proven performance record. The two main elements of EPDM, ethylene and propylene derived from gas and oil are used for a variety of purposes, has proven to be a highly effective and practical reliable roofing solution Resilient synthetic rubber roofing membrane is mainly used on low-sloped buildings and flat roofs all across the world. It’s extremely high resistance towards weather, ozone and heat, excellent electrical insulation properties offers protection from steam and polar objects. Both black and white colors and various lengths ranging from seven to fifty feet, while its thickness is either 45mm or 60mm.it comes in a block which is generally sufficient to cover almost any roof  So no risk water accumulation damp and all types of related issues.

Requires little or no maintenance very easy to repair to roofs superior flexibility in comparison with other similar materials because the material is rubbery, highly durable and greatly resistant against abrasion and tear. EPDM helps with lower insurance premiums. Safe for environment more than up to the task of protecting almost all roofs for a significant length of time for environment more than up to the task of protecting almost all roofs for a significant length of time

Liquid options provide longer-lasting benefits.

Liquid options generally provide longer-lasting benefits, as well. A roof repaired with liquid technology is unlikely to need help again anytime soon.

Examples of Liquid Roof Repair

As you’ve probably gleaned, there are a number of options if you’re looking to use a liquid application to repair your roof. Two of the most popular forms, however, are known as EPDM and elastomeric coatings.

The former is an actual rubber, while the latter displays rubber-like characteristics. This means they provide superior protection, thanks to added elasticity. Not only can they take a beating from the elements, but they can also adapt to conditions. An elastomeric coating, for example, will actually stretch when the weather becomes hot. This way it doesn’t weaken from the heat and end up cracking. Then, when the temperature drops, the coating can actually return to its original form.

More and more, liquid roof repair is replacing all other options on the market. Because of its liquidity, it’s easy to apply. But that doesn’t mean you lose performance. Liquid options for repair are extremely durable and often last decades once they set.