RV Roof Maintenance and Repair Tips – Epdmcoatings.com

Use of rubber or EPDM coated metal roofs typically require less maintenance. Maintenance is the only key which can enhance the life span of roof and the age of the vehicle .Many manufacturers started to use Epdm to extend the life and reduce the need for future RV maintenance or RV roof repair. Regular inspection and cleaning the roof tells you about the further steps that RV needs repair or not so they are must.                                                                

Flat Roofs, they get dirty quickly unless the vehicle is covered or garaged. So a puddle of dirt left always. It can cause rust which leads to holes and leak, the first preventative maintenance step is to keep the roof clean. Use a power washer. Caution should be taken to avoid falling. Resealing is necessary when roof got Cracks. For resealing or applying an EPDM coating is best. First steps thoroughly cleaned and dried the roof. Rusty spots need to be sanded. Old coatings may need to be scraped off .You might need to make a visit to your local RV service center or look for the information online .A day or two for the coating to cure are required.


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