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Find an incredible number of roofing systems out there today, from conventional shingles to tile, slate and more. One the most different is EPDM roofing. What is EPDM and why should you know about it?

What’s EPDM all about?

EPDM ethylene propylene diene monomer – rubber, in other words this isn’t the same rubber found in car tires or toy balls. This rubber is specially designed and engineered for several characteristics, including:

It maintains elasticity over time, even with exposure to high heat and UV rays. The ability to withstand moisture, even in ponding situations, easily installed and sealed. EPDM comes in long sheets, and each sheet must be sealed to the one beside it. This is done with a rubber roofing sealant. The same sealant can be used to make spot repairs to the EPDM material if it’s punctured or develops a leak.

EPDM roofing has been heavily adopted by the residential housing industry. This includes dormers, home extensions, garages, garden sheds and other outbuildings, and a great many others.

RVs and Travel Trailers                                                                                                                      An EPDM roofing system is very lightweight, an ideal solution for use in RV and travel trailer manufacture. Most RVs stopped using metal roofs because of the problems inherent with rust and corrosion. Easily repaired and replaced; EPDM roofing solutions offer more affordable maintenance and greater longevity for RVs and travel trailers.

Repairing EPDM Roofing                                                                                                              EPDM roofing has been so heavily adopted is its ease of repair, because of its resistance to weathering, it lasts much longer than other roofing systems on the market.


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Home roofing systems have evolved considerably in recent years, with newer shingle systems offering 25 years of life. Metal roofs can rust, and shingle roofs can be easily damaged by high winds. EPDM roofing is the best option for your home. You must know,

EPDM Difference from Conventional Roofing

Rubber material that must be installed directly to the roofing substrate, it’s made of various sheets of specially designed rubber, adhered to one another using liquid rubber and highly resistant to all types of weathering, year after year.

EPDM has been proved especially effective for use on flat roofs, because of its waterproof properties this is a significant advance.

Repairing EPDM Roofing

Just as any other roofing material would be EPDM roofing systems are subject to damage but its better at resisting some –repairing EPDM roofing is very simple. A couple of coats of liquid rubber seal the roof again and it becomes new.

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If looking for a roofing solution for your business, it means considering a lot of different options. Many of those options are going to have an adverse effect on your ability to conduct your business; the cost of finding your new roofing solution can be staggering.

If you want to get your roof redone with a product that won’t adversely affect your ability to run your business, then EPDM roofing is the solution that you’ve been looking for!

EPDM, which stands for Ethylene Propylene DieneTerpolymer, a popular roofing solution. Incredibly easy to install, as it comes in sheets that can be as large 50 feet wide it’s likely that having the roof of your business redone with an EPDM roofing solution will have a negligible impact on your day-to-day operations.

Long service: With proper maintenance, an EPDM roofing solution can be expected to last for 20-30 years. UV-light resistance: It’s no secret that the sun’s rays can be damaging, but EPDM roofing is equal to the task. Weather resistance: With the nasty weather becoming more and more frequent, you need a roofing solution that can stand up to the elements. Beneficial effect on that expensive air conditioning bills .EPDM roofing solution is among the most cost-effect roofing solutions that your business can consider.

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EPDM is a kind of roofing system that is renowned for its incredible durability and cost-effectiveness. In the 1970s it was invented, continued to be roofing choice for business with low-sloping roofs, like the ones that you’ll find in a strip mall or industrial complex.

Easy to install EPDM roofing is incredibly durable, than other roofing solutions beyond the considering. High quality polymers made it that form a membrane, which can be laid out and bonded in sheets across your low-sloping roof.

Heat and fire resistance: UV light resistance: Ground-level ozone resistance: Weather resistance tells that EPDM roofing systems offer the gamut of resistance

EPDM roofing system requires minimal maintenance. If you do find position repairs will need to be made, you must find that a licensed contractor. First the roof need to be washed, as this will ensure that the products used to repair your EPDM roof will bond appropriately to this roofing system’s surface. Your repaired EPDM roof is just as good as the roof was when it was first installed.

The Problem with a Leaky Roof – Epdmcoatings.com

Have you got recently roof leak? A minor inconvenience can become a huge structural problem for your business or home; this water damage can lead to serious complications. As a result in the entire structure of you need to replace roof.

It’s very important to repair leaks in your roof as they appear. It will this help to protect the investment and expense of costly structural repairs.

Fixing a Leaky Roof is Easy!

First you have to determine what kind of roof you’re working with ‘the method of repair will be different according to material. EPDM repairs will be much easier and much cheaper than any structural repairs.

Flat Roof Leak Repair: Simply locate the source of the leak; you’ll simply need to apply a coating or sealant that is approved for your kind of roof. Be sure about the right materials! Use of the wrong kind of sealant can lead to more costly repairs down the line. Angled Leaking Roof Repair roofs will be covered in shingles, may be asphalt or wood (or in some cases ceramic). In a nutshell you need the proper tools to remove the offending shingle and then another single to replace it. If you’re using nails to affix the new shingle, during the replacement process you need to use some kind of adhesive or sealant to close off the site where the nails enter the shingle. Without this, it’s possible for water to seep in past the shingle.

What is EPDM Roofing? – Epdmcoatings.com

EPDM roofing was invented in the 1970s. A highly durable rubber roofing membrane with effective applications for commercial roofing with a low slope, the acronym EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer.

Cost-effective and easy to install EPDM provides businesses that employ it for their roofing needs with an incredibly weather-resistant and durable roof that has been proven. That’s why, for example, businesses such as Disney’s Pixar have employed it for their roofs.

Advantages of EPDM Roofing is a variety of solutions to commercial businesses that are looking for a roofing solution for their low-sloping roofs, exceptionally resistant to ultra violet light, which means that it won’t fade over time, with the added bonus of assisting in keeping your commercial floor space cooler. With the effects of global warming continuing to be felt around the world, having a weather-resistant roofing solution is paramount for any business. EPDM roofing offers a solution to damage caused to roofs by extreme fluctuations in temperature. The real benefit of EPDM roofing is in its extreme level of durability. It does not need to be repaired very often.

Why Businesses Choose EPDM Coating? – Epdmcoatings.com

A lot of choices Businesses have to select a roofing solution. Popular option is that which has got low risk. Roofing solution, asphalt that applied hot poses serious risks for business and its employees, as well as the contractors who are applying it to your business’ roof. There are other options, but many of these also pose the same dangers.

EPDM does not have these risks because it is applied cold. This means health and safety is not at risk. EPDM roofing is incredibly simple to apply, the most durable roofing material on the market. It’s resistant to ultraviolet radiation increases its longevity and weather resistant, which means that severe weather does not affect continued functionality of your business’ roof. Tremendous benefit to using EPDM is incredibly durable; most often repairs that need to be made to such roofs are relatively minor.

A repair with EPDM coating can be made simply after the roof has been cleaned, the EPDM coating is spread out across the roof using EPDM rollers and then left to approximately one day to dry.

What’s the Deal with EPDM Roofing? – Epdmcoatings.com

EPDM roofing is a preferred roofing solution for 40 years of history, because of its exceptional durability. EPDM roofing has been applied in a variety of situations, simply nothing like it on the market. Quick and cheap and it, s long lifespan is surpassed by virtually no other roofing solutions.

EPDM roofing is incredibly more important weather-resistant. EPDM roofing is not affected by temperature and able to withstand fluctuations in temperature from -40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is Liquid Roof or EPDM Roof Coating?

Business owners and RV owners appreciate greatly EPDM roofing is incredibly durable and resistant; these repairs can be made simply and cheaply. These repairs are made with an EPDM roof coating, a liquid form of the same material that is used to create EPDM roofing. Because it’s in liquid form, the EPDM coating is easy to apply. It doesn’t need to be applied hot and decreases the associated risks of repairing a roof.

How Do I Use EPDM Roof Coating

You are applying an EPDM coating to repair a roof is that the roof needs to be cleaned, power washing the roof is strongly recommended. An EPDM primer can be used in order to make the EPDM coating stick. You only need to apply the EPDM coating evenly over the roof. This can be done simply with an EPDM roller.

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Don’t fret if yours EPDM roofing system that needs to be repaired. EPDM roofing systems definitely are durable and incredibly resistant to the weather effects. Repairs that need to be made to EPDM roofs are generally minor in nature.

With minor repairs, replacing parts of the EPDM roof may not even be necessary. After doing the entire necessary surface repairs have been made, a protective coating can be applied enough to keep your roof in service for many years.

Why Should my Business Have an EPDM Roofing System?

A strong idea after having glanced over what it takes to repair an EPDM roofing system, that EPDM roofing the most durable roofing solutions a business can employ for their low-sloping commercial roofs. Black EPDM and white EPDM, both are exceptionally resistant to the harmful effects of ultra violet light. Dual effect increase the EPDM roofing system’s longevity and helping to assist in the temperature control of your commercial space and it’s too easy to install.

Its sheet is as wide as 50 feet and in thickness of either 60 or 90 mil (a more recent innovation.) it’s even simpler to install. This can save a business; it makes an EPDM roofing solution a no-brainier.

How to Maintain Your RV EPDM Roof – Epdmcoatings.com

20 years are pretty much equivalent to the life of the vehicle itself EPDM Rubber roofing materials are guaranteed for these years wow isn’t it great? Maintenance required is minimal. Regular cleaning is the first step.

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the roof at least four times per year. The cleaner used should be one that is specifically designed for EPDM roofing and is free of petroleum distillates.

Products containing petroleum distillates, whether they are designed for cleaning or protecting, will cause the rubber to swell and loosen. There are many chemicals that fall under the category. The easiest way to tell for sure that the cleaner you are using does not contain any of the chemicals is to look for one that states on the label “free of petroleum distillates, safe for use on RV camper rubber roof.”

Cleaning is a relatively simple matter, but you should keep your safety in mind. If you are going to be getting up on the roof, you should be on your hands and knees to reduce your risk of falling.

The first step is to rinse the roof thoroughly with plain water at a relatively high pressure. Any branches or sharp objects should be removed by hand, if possible. While EPDM is tear resistant, sharp objects can cause scratches when they are pushed along the surface. Eventually the scratches can become tears.

Once all debris has been rinsed away, you will need to take a medium bristle brush, a bucket of safe cleanser diluted with water and get up on the roof. You need only scrub in areas where you see stains or dirt.

Keep your hose with you so that you can rinse while you are cleaning. Start in the corner farthest away from your exit point and work backwards to minimize the amount of time you spend on the wet surface.

After the roof is cleaned, you can use an EPDM protectant if you like. The protectant should be specifically designed for EPDM roofing, not for other types of materials. Some EPDM manufacturers also sell special protectants. While using the protectant is not essential, it may extend the life of the roof and reduce your need to restore or repair the roofing material.

Finally, proper care of your EPDM roof includes parking it in an area where the roof is protected as much as possible. Don’t park around fruit trees. The citric acid can deteriorate the material in between cleanings.