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Online information is so easily available about liquid rubber. Online sources of information help you if you are unaware of the benefits and the method of application of liquid rubber, and want to know about it in detail. About this roofing to look online reviews, comments and critical opinion and through these sources get information about liquid rubber

Some of these reviews can be merely an attempt by the promoters to enhance the publicity of the product, but some really can be targeted at undermining liquid EPDM and products related to it. To discover liquid rubber offers and what it cannot do it is must to see at the online forums and websites with good reputation from the perspective of giving neutral information. User’s reviews are submitted by users themselves. Good enough is experiences based on a user’s personal observation don’t have any alternative. Easy option is research successfully through websites of encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference materials.

To enhance knowledge about this roofing techniques consult some off-line magazines, journals and content which deal with such repair work ask your friends colleagues or the experienced industrialists and individuals having considerable experience about roof repair technique All these varying sources guaranteed to equip you liquid rubber. You will be able to know what exactly liquid EPDM and rubber is all about and what are its advantages or limitations. More Details


Why You Should Opt for Liquid Rubber? –

With tremendous success Liquid rubber has been proved very useful, efficient and unique matter as a roofing solution. Originally it was created by Kuraray Co. Ltd in 1972.  Transparent and odorless is used at a “Reactive Plasticizer.” In liquid form; it cures to form a hard and sturdy surface holding almost any required shape. For a variety of purposes it is being used and therefore provides great industrial and commercial benefits.


For over 20 years Liquid rubber has been specially used all over the North America, It is very easy to use where extreme temperature spikes and fluctuations is a norm with extremely productive seamless waterproof membrane. Its special characteristics, it can easily meet most of the health, safety and environmental requirements,

Applying liquid rubber is a simple, hassle-free and safe process. Apply it on the required surface area using a brush and roller. The large scale projects include factory or warehouse roofing which uses a spray system. Sprayed on the required surface area and thousand square meters can be cover up in a single day. Generally referred to as “Instant Set”, it does exactly what the name suggests – the liquid rubber takes the required shape naturally and instantly, giving you instant waterproofing. Rubber that is sprayed is cold also eliminates any potential fire hazards, forms itself quickly as singular and seamless membrane. This does not require the usage of any fleeces or primers, five times faster than many other comparable roofing solutions.

Its unique composition gives an astonishing elasticity of up to 1100% along with a startling memory of 95%. It is almost unparalleled Advantages of EPDM roofing solution

  1. Advantages of EPDM roofing solution
  2. Protection against ozone and heat.
  3. Provides good resistance against polar substances and steam.
  4. Liquid rubber is also resistant to water, salt and alkalis.
  5. Gives a smooth, crease-free surface, Easy to apply